A Flexible Curriculum designed to meet each student’s needs and career goals.

Individualized Guidance Plans (IGP) are
commensurate with the student’s abilities,
educational objectives, and work schedule.

Flexible Teaching and Learning Styles:

  • Pre-assessment Examination
  • Assessment of prior education, training, and experience
  • University Level Examination Program (ULEP)
  • Gifts and Talents Assessment
  • Seminars (conducted once a month)
  • Symposia
  • Professional Mentors
  • Independent Studies
  • Team Sharing
  • Videos
  • Thesis, Dissertation or Project
  • Oral Presentation of Doctoral Dissertation
  • Internship or Field Project

Programs of Study Are Supported by Dedicated Faculty and Staff Who Are Committed to Spiritual and Academic Excellence 

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Email: info@cls-institute.com

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