To be considered for admission, all undergraduates and graduate students are required to submit the following to Carmen L. Stewart Apostolic Institute of Learning.

 1. Application for Admission, completed in its entirety. 

2. Cover letter stating the student’s educational and spiritual goals. 

3. Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education. employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work experience, special training experience etc. 

4. At the time of application, copies of transcripts from previous learning Institutes can be submitted, however, before graduation, original Official Transcripts will be required to be sent directly to Carmen L. Stewart Apostolic Institute of Learning. 

5. Copies of degrees, awards, certificates, etc. 

6. $50.00 non-refundable Application Fee. 

7. $15.00 non-refundable ID Fee. 

8. 2”x 2” snapshot/photo of yourself. 

After receipt of the above items, Carmen L. Stewart Apostolic Institute of Learning will process your file and ascertain proficiency to determine placement in the highest program and provide the students with an evaluation letter outlining their course of study for the major they have chosen.

Credit for Life Experience
Pastors, Ministers and students who qualify may be eligible for advanced standing through Life Experience Credit to a maximum of 20 semester hours
of credit. This is available at the undergraduate level only. When applying for admission, those students who desire advanced standing should request this in
the cover letter. They will be sent a packet explaining the criteria for Life Experience Credit.

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